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Finding Grants


This site will help you find grants that you can apply for. Once you've found a grant, visit Writing Grants for help in applying for one.


  • Since many companies are looking for good community relations, it is a good idea to ask local businesses first. For example, last year there was a small store in West Valley City that donated hundreds of dollars in merchandise to Granger Elementary, which were used as incentives for good attendance and grades.
  • To find some local businesses with established foundations, try searching for the business name, followed by 'foundation', and it will help you find a more direct route.
  • Since it is less expensive for a company to give you merchandise than to give you money, try to find local technology stores that could help you.


These links connect to lists of educational grants - Education grants

Google Education Grant Directory

Utah Grants

These are local grant opportunities

Utah Credit Unions

This grant puts 100% of the money donated to them directly to teachers and schools.

Western Bankers Association

At this site, you list equipment, materials, or experiences you want your students to have. The Association will then direct people and companies to buy what you need.

Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET)

You must attend the conference in order to write a UCET grant. The conference is usually held the first week in March.

Last Updated: 6/14/18