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Kirsten Butcher Kirsten Butcher, Ph.D.
Dr. Butcher's work focuses on exploring the impact of visual media and interactive elements on student learning with educational technology. Her current projects examine the effects of multimedia instruction before mathematics practice in an intelligent tutor, the cognitive processes associated with interactive diagrams in educational technology, and the ways in which personalized tools can support individual learning with digital resources that are available online...(more)
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Eric Poitras

Eric G. Poitras

Dr. Poitras’s work focuses on improving the capabilities of tutoring systems to tailor instruction to the specific needs of different learners. His projects examine the use of network-based tutors in supporting student teachers to regulate their own learning and implement technologies in the classroom, as well as the applications of educational data mining  and learning analytics techniques to improve learner models in intelligent tutoring systems.

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Jason Burrow-Sanchez Jason Burrow-Sánchez, Ph.D.
Jason's interests include the prevention and treatment of substance abuse problems with adolescent populations in school and community settings...(more)
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Robert Zheng Robert Zheng, Ed.D.
Robert's interests include multimedia and cognition, online instructional design, and technology integration for K-12 schools...(more)
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