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CATE's Grants

Money Man

Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ)

In 2008, CATE received $50,000 in partnership with UEN from CCJJ.

In 2007, CATE received $28,000 in partnership with UEN from CCJJ. All was expended on the Internet Predator project, which led to the development of NetSafeUtah.

Pending Grants

Kirsten Butcher & Robert Zheng. Is there an educational advantage to NSDL? Assessing impact on cognitive processes and learning outcomes during resource selection and use. National Science Foundation: National STEM Education Distributed Learning (NSDL) competition. ($386,948)

Robert Zheng & Kirsten Butcher. Developing an Integrated Curricular Program for Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention: An Innovative Approach to Adolescent Decision Making on Substance Abuse. NIH - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. ($371,201)

Last Updated: 9/1/21